St Plomb is a cheeky bastard wrote journalist P. Sherburne, referring to the versatility of St plomb’s mixes. No rules, no kitchen books, but an addiction to the groove: No wonder since he started as a funk-rock drummer, before exchanging his sticks for a pair of turntables and a sampler. But he kept the funk though, as a main ingredient of his production, so that his tracks, his Dj and live sets, as much as his compositions for contemporary dance shows have been making their way since the early nineties to find that own flavour. From Sonarsouds Festival and ageHa (Tôkyô) to Fabric (London), from Dachkantine and Toni Molkerei (Zürich) to Panorama Bar (Berlin), Registratur (München), Batofar (Paris), Loft (Lausanne), or to the Paleo Festival (Switzerland). St Plomb has been delivering his special blend of soulful grooves, sweaty shuffles, deep house and warm techno, sprinkled with old school obscure gems and driven by the latest hot plates. St Plomb’s own production has been heard all aroud, such as the undergroud hits Rather Be, Shake A Leg, A bat In my Shoes, or as Today, 18 Years and 123 from the critically acclaimed debut album 2006, which he wrote and produced with fellow dj from the swiss scene Crowdpleaser. Some of those tracks have been licensed to numerous mixes and compilations, among which Ivan Smagghe’s How To Kill The DJ, Tiga’s DJ Kiks, or Michael Mayer’s Immer2. 2010: You can take the tiger out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the tiger. After some rightfully due family time, he’s now back in the game with new fresh solo production.

Selected Discography St Plomb, Escape Run (Brut!), 2009; St Plomb, Flight Back/on EP 24h (contentisimssing); Emilie Nana, I Missed The Boat: St Plomb Shady Side Remix (Compost Black Label), 2009; Crowdpleaser & St Plomb 2006 (LP) (Mental Groove), 2006; St Plomb, Detroit Grand Pubahs - Boogie In The Bush ep (Neuton), 2005; St Plomb, The Stoopid Freshh Thaaang ep (Viking Music), 2004; Crowdpleaser & St Plomb, Rather Be (Mental Groove), 2003; St Plomb, Mister Magic Evil (Mental Groove), 2003.

Clubs ageHa (Tokyo), Festival Sonàr Sounds (Tokyo), Fabric (Londres), Dachkantiine (Zürich), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Culture Box (Copenhagen), Colosseum (Skopje), Registratur (Münich), Batofar (Paris), Loft (Lausanne), D! (Lausanne), Paleo Festival (Nyon, Switzerland), Zoo Usine (Geneva).