Emilie Nana was born in 1984 in Lyon - France. Since her youngest age she has soaked up the codes of “Negro” music, Raggae & Funk, following the passion of her father who was collecting 7’s and 12’s. Always seeking for new sounds, it’s in her mother's tapes that she first discovered “Paradise garage”. A shock… and then the light! She began her musical career at the age of seventeen in her bedroom with vintage synths and a vocoder. In 2006, she remixed Zürich’s Kalabrese under the name of "Ludron" a collaboration with Crowdpleaser, which then was charted in the top 20 sales charts in German Groove magazine. Her first solo EP “I Missed The Boat” has been recently released on Compost Records and remixed by St Plomb and the house music legend, Glenn Underground.

Selected Discography Emilie Nana feat. Crowdpleaser, Ludron Dub, Kalabrese, Freaks & Remixes, Stattmusik 016, (Stattmusik), 2006; Emilie Nana, I Missed The Boat EP, with remixes by St Plomb and Glenn Undergound, Compost Black Label 61; (Compost Black Label), 2009; Emilie Nana, The Ufo Ep, (Stattmusik) 2011; Various Artists, Emilie Nana, The Stuff, (Raoul Records), 2011; Crowdpleaser & St Plomb feat. Emilie Nana, La Sorcière, Doctoresse Ep, (Third Ear Recordings) 2011; Moods selected and mixed by Shahrokh Dini, 2011 - Various Artists, (Raoul Records), 2011; Compost House Selection Vol. 2 - Get slapped Up - House, 2011; Moods selected and mixed by Shahrokh Dini, 2011.

Clubs Golden Gate, Magic Sunday (Berlin). Klub Elf (Bern). Zukunft, Frieda's Büxe (Zurich). La Ruche, Mad, Le Bourg (Lausanne). Jack's House, Paresseux, Mad, Shark (Geneva).