Nicolas Jéhouda is a DJ but also plays live and is part of the “34m" musical collective based in Lausanne.

Nachtwelt creates live visuals. He notably collaborated on the Air Festival in the Swiss Jura region, and has organised numerous nights in the alternative squat scene of Geneva. Producing music since 1996, he is also a DJ.
Clubs L'étage, Crem, Jack House, Arquebuse, Mos Espa festival, Shark (Genève), ZClub, Electrosanne festival (Lausanne), Hive Club, Hermetschloo, Club Exil (Zürich), TangoCrash, Satisfactory club (Basel).

Dollar Mambo has been playing music since his childhood (classical piano at the Montreux conservatory in Switzerland). He plays with both jazz and African music groups (such as Farafina) and studied at the School of Fine Arts in Geneva. He also participated in the first albums by Crowdpleaser and St Plomb, playing on the tracks “Intro” and “Today”. His latest e.p. “Seven Dollar” has just been released on the Nice Try Records label.