Crowdpleaser has been a DJ since 1995 as well as a live performer since 2002. His goal is to satisfy the dancing crowd without adopting a static musical etiquette. His genre is more defined by the energy and intuition of the situation and his osmosis with the public than by a musical one. He has the capacity to play extraordinary, old and new, remixes and unexpected “edits” versions. He’s into a house music style. Crowdpleaser has collaborated with many artists such as Kalabrese, Thomas Brinkman, Kate Wax and St. Plomb.
In 2006 he released his album with St. Plomb which received incredible critics throughout the whole world for its freshness, originality and audacity. He produces since 10 years, is very prolific and is the author of more than 30 maxis and remixes on different labels: Mental Groove, Deeply rooted house, Trapez Ltd, Viking music, Nova mute, Paparazzi, Drumpoet, Contentis Wagon Repair and many others.

Selected Discography Studioschwein EP, Mental Groove Records, 2001; Bad Monkey EP (12"), Mental Groove Records, 2006; 2006 (CD), Mental Groove Records, 2006; Gygsaw EP (12"), Phictiv Records, 2008; Polygenic Trait Treehouse (12"), Contentismissing, 2008; Real Love EP (12"), Wagon Repair, 2008; Walking Home (12"), Drumpoet Community, 2008; Split 02 - Vic20 Sessions Vol.1 (12"), Perspectiv, 2009.

Remix Miss DIY (Crowdpleaser remix), Viking Music, 2004; The Night The Boy (12"), Inzest Records, 2005; Auf Dem Hof (Ludron Dub), Stattmusik, 2006; Catch The Buzz (12") (Crowdpleaser remix) Mental Groove Records, 2006; Nicholson + RMX For HFP (CD), Kraken, Gentlemen Records, 2006; Rodeo (12") (Crowdpleaser & St Plomb remix), Trapez Ltd.

Clubs Festival Sonàr Souds (Tokyo), Fabric (Londres), Dachkantine (Zürich), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Culture Box (Copenhagen), Grodan (Stockholm), B=18 (Beirut), Colosseum (Skopje), Registratur (Münich), Festival Vision (Bern), Batofar (Paris), Loft (Lausanne), D! (Lausanne), Zoo Usine (Geneva).